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Baby Marmoset Monkey


  • Callithrix jacchus
  • Captive Bred Babies!
  • The Perfect Age For Hand Raising Your Own Little Baby. They Have A Gray Body And As They Get Older They Develop White tuffs That Extend From The Sides Of The Face
  • High Quality Males and Females Available For Breeding And For Great Companions
  • Marmosets Are Highly Active Living In The Upper Canopy Of Forest Trees , And Feeding On Insects Fruits And Leaves
  • Stays Small And Is Very Cute Especially When Born! The Mom Can Produce Twins Sometimes Triplets
  • Will Form A Very Strong Bond With The Owner And Can Grow Up To 1 Pound As Adults
  • They Are Native To Northern And Southern Brazil And Also Found In Buenos Aires Argentina
  • In Store Pickup & Airline Shipping Available (Selected At Checkout)
  • Licensing and Free Vet Health Checkup Available With In-Store Pickup
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